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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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For offshore, jigging style rods are a great choice.
An angling friend who noticed my predicament offered me an exchange of rods; he had a 10-foot Hardy's cane rod.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Minnesota based national newsstand publication Rat Rod Magazine has been awarded its second Innovator Award by the MMPA (Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association) during last week's award gala.
If you find defective torque rods, submit a PQDR for each rod to: https://www.
Rating Information - Though unrated, this film contains strong language, violence, hot rods and awesome tattoos.
GMP's 1/2-inch duct rods are available in lengths of 200-1,200 feet and are sold separately.
For my Benchrest rifles I have used Teflon coated rods for years and find them up to the task.
These include an 11ft 2in beach rod, or a 9ft 6in pier rod, 9ft 6in uptide rod, a 30lb class 7ft 6in boat rod or 15lb class boat rod.
For the blind mice, Swaroop and other researchers would have to figure out how to make new rod cells.
Animal experiments, however, have shown limited success, in part because stem cells tend not to develop into rods after transplantation.
445 rods took 1,308 fish, including 10 browns and seven blues.