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RCJ, of the Rogate Oasis Farm in Region 1, Lanie Dulnuan of the Spring Mountain Farm in Region II and Cristina Rodriguez of the SJR Farm in Region III.
In this age of incredible, bewildering change, it's right for brands to inter- rogate their role in the development of the internet, the platforms that define it and the society that produces.
They are currently sheltered at the Casa Per Ferie Rogate in Rome.
There were 12 Riding Club teams in all, some with their own pagodas - LLANDUDNO RC had a lovely gazebo as a meeting point for their team and crews, and Rogate RC had a crew car emblazoned with their logo
Concerten-Jahrgang: zwolf Kirchenmusiken von Rogate bis Zum 6.
ab- rogate the natives' right to fish in their traditional waters.
The man's mum acted as a sur- rogate after a clinic fertilised a donor egg with her son's sperm.
The skull and several rib bones of Vishal were discovered in 1982 by pigeon shooters in remote marshland at Durford Abbey Farm, at Rogate, close to the Hampshire-West Sussex border.
Globalisation and Third World Women: Exploitation, Coping and Resistance (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2009); Pamela Brubaker and Rogate Mshana, eds.
But although she offers a good starting point, Sabo does not inter rogate assumptions about what makes porn good or what arouses women.
2: The Rogate leaving Blyth in 1968 with North Blyth Staiths in the background.
E una probabilissima creazione del potere centrale salernitano: la troviamo prima in diplomi principeschi e in carte private rogate quasi soltanto a Salerno (36), solo successivamente anche nei documenti redatti a Nocera, dove coesiste a lungo con i vecchi modi, meno formalizzati, di localizzare uomini e terre (37).