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Rohypnol is tasteless, colourless and odourless, meaning it is completely undetectable in a drink.
Slipped into a drink, Rohypnol induces a trance-like state in 10 minutes, leaving victims at the total mercy of their attacker for up to 12 hours.
A CONTROVERSIAL song by The Prodigy is to be banned from radio for glamorising "date-rape" drug Rohypnol.
CON: Jovy and Vogler, left, were robbed by Hakki; SEDATIVE: Rohypnol
Rohypnol - also known by its slang name "roofie" - is a prescribed sedative and has become notorious as a date-rape drug.
Sharon, of Peterhead, allegedly asked Christopher to get a hammer and cable ties and Natalie to get Rohypnol.
Sex attackers often use the Christmas season for cover to spike drinks with daterape drug Rohypnol.
The shipment also contained what appeared to be the original Rohypnol box the tablets were popped from before being posted, and a leaflet warning about a number of "sedative effects".
The Association of Chief Police Officers studied 120 reported drug-assisted date rapes last year, and found zero evidence of Rohypnol.
THE first major study into alleged "drug rape" cases in the UK found massive evidence that victims had been drinking and no cases of the notorious Rohypnol drug.
Det Insp Iain Grant, of Solihull CID, said over the past six months officers had received a number of allegations of date rape where drinks had allegedly been spiked with Rohypnol or similar drugs.
Normal drink cans leave us wide open to all manner of mis-adventures from wasps and insects entering the can or children cutting their fingers and lips on the can mouthpiece, to drugs such as Rohypnol being placed in our drink.