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We can, however, create legislators, endow them with known preferences, have them vote in ways consistent with the spatial model on roll calls, and then use NOMINATE to estimate their preferences from the simulated roll-call data.
We chose the latter solution to preserve our ability to evaluate how well NOMINATE estimates ideal points on unidimensional roll-call data.
At its October meeting in Pasadena, the Board's Benefits and Program Administration Committee heard several staff proposals - from reducing the number of closed-door Investment Committee meetings, to publicly disclosing roll-call votes of investment decisions made in closed sessions, and requiring public disclosure of closed-session meeting transcripts, when a determination is made that disclosure would not harm the retirement system's investment objectives or expose the system to liability.
which conducts opinion research for 97 TV stations nationwide under the names Bullet-Poll, FlashPoll, Overnight Market Research and Voter Roll-Call, Tuesday announced that it has appointed Alex Storozynski as executive editor.
Voter Roll-Call is an exit polling service used by TV stations on Election Day to "call" races, project winners and tell viewers why one candidate won and another lost.
When the Democrats' self-described "centerpiece" of their gun bill package (A4182) failed during a roll-call vote, the committee chairman aborted the roll-call after 9 of 11 votes had been cast, in violation of rules requiring that voting must be completed once it has started before any further action can be taken.