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The world total of synthetic rubber exports further contracted in last year's fourth quarter, decreasing by a monthly rolling average 1.
The rolling average over the last 12 months has been a loss severity of 52.
Accordingly, the rolling-average method will be deemed to accurately reflect income where (1) the taxpayer recalculates the rolling average every time it purchases or produces an additional unit of an item, or on a regular basis of at least once a month, and (2) the taxpayer meets either of two tests: (a) the ending inventory cost under the rolling-average method does not vary by more than 1% from its cost under the first-in, first-out (FIFO) or other specific identification method used, or (b) the entire inventory of the taxpayer turns over at least four times a year.
He suggested SBA should continue its present method of counting, by using a rolling average of a company's payroll headcount.
The level, as measured by the three month rolling average, is 60 per cent lower than the level two years ago.
In addition, because there is an increasing number of inventory costing systems that use a rolling average cost, a continuation of the ban puts taxpayers at risk.
And their $405million purchase of Singlepoint mobile services contributed 80per cent of thepounds 5 rise inthe key12-month rolling average revenue per user to pounds 314.
Measuring market share on a three-month rolling average basis, a more reliable measure, the gap between Asda and Sainsbury is just 1%.
Overall, using the three month rolling average of sales activity, the market declined 2.
Changes from any two-day rolling average to another could represent the start of a long-term trend, a temporary blip in the campaign or even a statistical variation unrelated to the race,'' said ABC's polling director, Jeff Alderman.