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Invariably, though, the Roman legion method leads to a scarcity of floor space and a cadre of supervisors screaming for a factory addition to gain more floor space.
The ancient Roman Legions are armed with two pila, short spears, and a sword called a gladius.
The movie, based on RosemarySutcliff's1954children's novel, tells the story of a Roman legion which mysteriously disappeared in the Highlands.
The team, working on excavations for a new link road at Junction 6 near Huyton, also discovered Roman pottery and tiles made for the 20th Roman Legion based in Chester around 167 AD.
Maybe we'll find one with a Roman legion still in occupation and waiting to be relieved so they can get back to bread and circuses and their families on the Appian Way.
It would be more than just a challenge if the plant were arranged in a Roman Legion layout.
BEFORE the birth of Christ it was home to the ninth Roman Legion who built a fortress here, many years later Viking warriors took the city and made it one of their chief trading bases.
The museum runs seven sites, including the National Museum in Cardiff, St Fagans, Big Pit and the Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon.
Boasting the most complete amphitheatre in Britain, Caerleon also features the legionary fortress baths (complete with hi-tech interpretation) and is home to the National Roman Legion Museum.
The stone coffin at the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, contains the skeleton of a man, aged around 40, and was discovered in 1995.
Despite the very extensive archaeological excavations that were carried out in the Jewish Quarter, so far not even one building has been discovered there that belonged to the Roman legion," said Baruch, explaining that the absence of such evidence had led them to believe Aelia Capitolina was a small city.