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What is discussed is rape as probably few, if any, women perceive or experience it, that is, as a romantic affair, something enjoyed and pleasurable for the women violated, something that may even inspire love.
Romantic Affair, who had useful form in staying races for John Dunlop on the level, hasn't been seen for 870 days.
THE older sister of the boy accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse was involved in a romantic affair with one of the singer's employees, it has emerged.
She listens to tales of a passionate and romantic affair with a charismatic, handsome man and longs for a day when she too will be swept away by unsuitable love.
But Farley claimed that Xavier Caro shot the boys, as well as his wife, because he wanted to continue a romantic affair.
On the other hand, Romantic Affair can register his fourth win of the season in the NGK Spark Plugs Rated Stakes.
It's a romantic affair with a six-course Valentine's dinner, costing pounds 51 per person.
The Beverly Hills Hotel will be the site of a very romantic affair on Sunday afternoon, Feb.
And yes, that same romantic affair reminiscent of authentic 17th century Italy can be had sans the hefty price tag of traveling to Europe.
Rumours about the nature of Depp's relationship with Heard have been rife of late, but according to sources, Depp isn't embarking on another romantic affair anytime soon.
Thus, he explores "America's simultaneous embrace of holiness and hedonism, its pining love of tradition as it carries on a headlong romantic affair with progress, its extreme individualism coursing beside a gigantic, gaping yearning for community, and its insistence on innocence at the same time it revels in violence.
Otherwise it would have to be a big romantic affair here in Merseyside.