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The services provided by veterinarians are wide ranging, from general dental prophylaxis (dental cleanings) and simple extractions, which are often performed by primary care veterinarians, to root canal therapy and other advanced oro-maxillary surgeries, which are available from dental specialists.
He specializes in endodontics including root canal therapy and surgery.
of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) and Debellian (private practice, Bekkestua, Norway) dentists performing root canal therapy may waste their skills on complicated techniques or inappropriate treatments.
She says she was required to have root canal therapy to restore the demineralisation.
Smart" fillings that prevent further tooth decay and filling material that can eliminate the need for root canal therapy are in our future, says the director of the American Dental Association Health Foundation's Paffenbarger Research Center.
Egan provides Invisalign, dental implants, crowns, root canal therapy, preventive treatments, veneers, and more at Crystal Clear Dental.