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There are still too many people in Formula One running around with rose-tinted glasses," The Telegraph quoted Ecclestone, as saying.
In an uncertain economic climate, consumers view the past through rose-tinted glasses and are ready to spend on any product or service that can help them recreate the feelings of warmth and security they felt during happier times.
Perhaps on the day she viewed it (if she did) she was wearing her rose-tinted glasses, and did not notice that much of the length of the lane has vehicles parked down one side for pretty well most of the time, and it is therefore virtually a one lane thoroughfare.
But let's face it, if Bono literally sees Ireland through rose-tinted glasses what excuse have those who promised us openness and transparency?
I was filled with wonder at the powers of the rose-tinted glasses.
The film is set long after most romantic comedies end, at the point where the lead protagonists have taken off their rose-tinted glasses and seen each other's foibles close up.
I'm afraid, even through rose-tinted glasses, that is life we certainly don't want to return to
With the world in such a fragile state these blinkered politicians in their rose-tinted glasses cannot see what they are doing.
So it's definitely not that I have rose-tinted glasses about it all, I just think saying it was "horrible" may leave Kate feeling a bit miffed.
In fact where I have made a mistake in the past is by looking through rose-tinted glasses when a horse by a top sire conceived at a fee of EUR75,000-plus goes through the ring at around EUR20,000 and I think I am getting value.
YOUR columnist, Alun Pugh (Daily Post, Jun 8) sees the present through rose-tinted glasses.
People with rose-tinted glasses are more responsive to positive things in the environment.