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Different responses of Ross River virus to climate variability between coastline and inland cities in Queensland, Australia.
They found a statistically significant association between relative humidity and occurrence of Ross River virus disease five months later, and between rainfall and occurrence of Ross River virus disease two months later.
We report 2 recent apparent cases of Ross River virus disease ("epidemic polyarthritis") in Canadian travelers to Fiji, [approximately equal to] 1,000 miles from the region (Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands) where the virus is endemic, enzootic, and often epidemic (1).
Ten years later, Australian scientists, led by Ralph Doherty and Ian Marshall, isolated Ross River virus and confirmed its association with epidemic, polyarthritis.
Although Ross River virus incidence has increased over the past decade, the virus is not emerging; its increased incidence is probably due to increased awareness and recognition by general practitioners, improved diagnostic reagents, and increasing encroachment of human habitation into or near wetlands and other areas conducive to mosquito breeding.