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The universality being hindered in its primary form, comes in the secondary form of all sides; the points come in succession to the meridian, and by the speed of rotation a new whole is formed.
Without doubt, Porthos had reasons for not abandoning this part of his vestments, for instead of quitting his hold on the flap in his hand, he pulled it toward him, so that D'Artagnan rolled himself up in the velvet by a movement of rotation explained by the persistency of Porthos.
Hepzibah had no natural turn for cookery, and, to say the truth, had fairly incurred her present meagreness by often choosing to go without her dinner rather than be attendant on the rotation of the spit, or ebullition of the pot.
In the same unmoved silence I listened to a dozen in rotation, and when the twelfth had concluded with splutter, hiss, and mumble, I solemnly laid down the book.
In the rotation of crops there was a recognised season for wild oats; but they were not to be sown more than once.
The algorithm followed for Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise rotations was as under, If ( Quadrant=1st OR Quadrant=4th)
Prior to surgery the patient received a manipulation under general anesthesia to remove the restriction of the internal rotation (HBB, horizontal flexion, and internal rotations in flexion and abduction).
Mandatory rotations consisted of a 1-week rotation on the clinical urology service.
The relative safety of instrumental rotations in the second stage of labor remains controversial.
corn crop is now grown in two-year rotations with soybeans or three-year rotations with soybeans and wheat.
Voluntary rotations are much more common than mandatory rotations.
Rotations are often used for negotiating lower average costs per hour of audit work.