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The combination of mechanical simplicity, giant torsional rotations, high rotation rates, and micron-size yarn diameters are attractive for applications, such as microfluidic pumps, valve drives, and mixers.
Written for farmers, homesteaders, and serious gardeners in the Northeastern US, the guide presents best practices in the areas of tillage, weed control, grouping crops, cash and cover crops, good rotation, and economics of rotations and cover croppings.
Five rotations of the model were recorded and tracked with WINanalyze at the four different known centers of rotation.
Expectant management of the 200,000 fetuses per year in OP/OT position at delivery would result in 80,000 C-sections, compared with 25,200 C-sections if fetal rotations were tried, he estimated.
However, in the vicinity of the rotating mold wall, the orientation of the fibers in TD is enhanced, especially for the highest rotations (R150 and R300).
The health profession programs' curricula were amended to include required rotations in rural communities comprised of discipline-specific clinical training, interdisciplinary case management, and community service and/or community-based research.
Preliminary studies have indicated that the SD of rotations around the average can be reduced by improving the operation of the rotation and centering mechanism, Figure 1.
Chartered by the Chief of Naval Personnel, the group will continue analyzing and working on solutions to ensure sea/shore rotations match the needs of the fleet forces, and look at short and long-term challenges with the policy.
Job rotations may include: corporate audit, financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, office of the controller, decision support or operations analysis.
It's as if, following [a burst], a RRAT has to gather its strength for perhaps a thousand rotations before it can do it again," says Lyne.
QR decomposition, Givens rotations, plane rotations, parallel QR decomposition, quantum circuit design, qudits