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This pragmalinguistic aspect has received increasing attention in ILP research since the early 2000s, with studies underlining the importance of knowing routines for the development of L2 pragmatic competence (e.
Eliminating routine glucometer readings makes primary care visits more efficient, according to a 6-month review of activity at a primary care clinic.
Brooke Lee-Travers, in the 11-12 years female group, completed two routines to finish a respectable 12th out of 43.
In turn, studies on organizational routines (OR) are divided between the ones that analyze the capabilities that structure routines and those that study the practices that enact routines (Parmigiani & Howard-Grenville, 2011), without, however, taking into account how the conception of knowledge of individuals considered relevant in that context influences the embedding of individual knowledge in organizational practices.
I once thought that routines could be a very limiting at times but have come to consider them as helpful.
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine said that positive bedtime routines involve calming activities, such as a bath and bedtime story.
In the video, Rohrback leads viewers through Prancercise routines from trotting to shadow-box galloping.
If you read the book, The Daily Routines of Geniuses by Sarah Green, you will come to realise that a routine is "more than a luxury"; in fact it is an absolute must for doing anything that can be termed good or great.
More research is needed to explore the outcomes of parenting routines and behaviours and to understand how best health professionals can support new mothers at this time.
The site provides readers, women ages 16 to 45, with a curation of celebrity beauty secrets, skin, makeup, fitness, diet and hair routines from the celebrities themselves in one directory.
Daily Routines for the Student Horn Player by Marian
Instead, I heard about a simple truth that we should all respect and teach the families under our care: Routines are healing.