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Effect of black hole attack on AODV routing protocol in MANET.
In the paper, We propose the G-AODV routing protocol which is based on geometric routing protocol, the protocol add some geometric information to optimize the AODV routing protocol, that is, using the geometric routing protocol optimize the flooding broadcasting algorithm in the routing discovery process, and limit the number of forward node in the network, thereby reduce the routing overhead in the network.
Instead we have option for upgrading existing routing protocol with faster algorithms like A* in OSPF protocol.
The DYnamic MANET On-demand (DYMO) protocol is a reactive routing protocol being developed within IETF's MANET working group.
As long as there are sufficiently many correct nodes, the routing protocol should be able to find routes that go around these compromised nodes.
The solution provides a unique visualization tool for understanding the configuration of routing protocols in the network, allowing users to easily view the membership and structure of entities such as OSPF areas and BGP Autonomous systems, and easily locate routers providing critical functionality, such as BGP speakers.
i) Identity Centric Routing: Most of the existing Manet routing protocols use the identity of the nodes (IP address) for communication in the dynamic environment.
DSDV produces better results than TORA and can be used as the routing protocol under low mobility conditions.
And by utilizing Ixia's interfaces that incorporate a RISC CPU on a per-port basis, Ixia's routing protocol emulation software makes it possible to create a highly scalable and realistic Internet environment that facilitates the design, development and performance verification of next-generation networking equipment and networks.
The Zebra routing protocols and net-SNMP will be offered as additional layered software modules to LynxOS, and will be available in June, 2001.
This paper mainly focus on the major issues about the routing protocol for VANET.
The company's routing protocol, Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF), has been accepted by the T11 technical committee of the National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) for approval as an industry standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the nation's primary Fibre Channel standards body.

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