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I might use a stethoscope (STETH-oh-skope) to listen to your heart and lungs; an otoscope (OH-toe-skope, a metal tube with a light in it) to check your ears, nose, and throat; or a soft rubber hammer to check your reflexes.
They took my temperature, my blood pressure, blood samples, urine samples, and they kept hitting me on the knee with that little rubber hammer.
I remember some of the older workers used to send us for things like a rubber hammer or a tin of elbow grease so off I would trundle to another department to try and find one.
According to the rulings, Sakamoto, 45, hit his common-law wife Khanittha, then 25, on the head with a rubber hammer several times before suffocating her at her house in Ichihara in Chiba Prefecture on March 17 last year.
Padding a metal hammer in that manner will protect the surface of things you are knocking together or apart even better than a rubber hammer, according to the Family Handyman magazine.
n A rubber hammer is used to bed the slabs down and get them level.