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As a result the following misspellings can be observed: arleady instead of already, corroborate instead of collaborate, learly instead of really, rular and rulal instead of rural, regural instead of regular, etc.
jucar jurar sugar sudar, sumar judar jurar, sudar, mudar, dudar sular sudar, sumar, rular querer guerer tener, tejer, temer queler meter terer tener queter jener pensar bensar ?
RZA brings this production to light with tracks from talented newcomers, Queen's native, Rular Rah who takes you on a gritty journey with his rap track "Johnny," Thea, the Holland-born singer entrances you with her melodic, sexy sound on "I Love You" and "My Love," Grayson Hill puts a urban blues spin on a remake of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover," Maurice lends a seductive R&B sound to his adult themed tracks "Sabotage," "I'm Sorry" and "Better Man.