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Toby, who grew up in the Tyne Valley, says Running Wild started as a lavish Christmas youth theatre production at Chichester Festival Theatre "It's astonishing that the main Christmas show in Chichester is a youth theatre show," he says.
lt;BBear Grylls and Michael B Jordan catching sheep in Wales during an episode of US TV show Running Wild with Bear Grylls
When asked about her winning creation, Olivia said: "I really love the storyline to Running Wild and it was one of those books that you simply can't put down.
Summary: With the markets in turmoil and the future of investment clouded by financial explosions, speculation is running wild an aimless.
Thousands of aggressive monkeys are running wild in New Delhi, India's capital.
If this wasn't bad enough, there are also gangs of unruly kids running wild in our streets.
Not having been there for several months we were horrified to see so many dogs running wild.
Special permits for unaltered dogs could be rescinded if the dogs are found running wild, if they're considered dangerous, if female dogs have more than one litter per year or five in a lifetime, or if the owner violates any requirements.
I myself got the pest controller out because the rats are running wild in my back alley.
They know their roots--skate rock is back, and Bones Brigade is running wild in the streets.
I once asked my MBA students, based on their work experience, to name strategic initiatives that were off-target in terms of satisfying user requirements or running wild on budget.
It was a year that began with the Nasdaq running wild with Internet exuberance and ended with stock market losses.