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The validity of the analysis highlights the qualitative component despite of the quantitative component, due to a low incidence of the pursued phenomenon, more precisely: improving the long jump technique and increasing individual performance in terms of running speed.
Similarly, a repeated measures ANOVA assessed differences in oxygen uptake at each running speed between Trial-1 and Trial-3.
As for characteristics of vehicles making left turns from minor road approach, two factors were selected and they were type of left-turning vehicle and running speed of left-turning vehicle.
The findings show us there is a relationship between knee symmetry and running speed, although it is not known at this stage if the sprinters are great because their knees are symmetrical, or if their knees are symmetrical because of the time spent practising and training.
A properly designed servo motor driven syringe pump overcomes the shortcomings of those that are stepper motor driven with much higher acceleration, running speed, and deceleration.
The investigator calculated the mean weekly training hours, the mean weekly training kilometers achieved and the mean running speed during training in the pre-race preparation.
It also lays the largest eggs and has the fastest maximum running speed (97kph).
The Powerscreen Warrior 1400X was designed with economy in mind, reduced engine running speed and enhanced hydraulics.
The new Atlas CW1040 Series has been designed to cope with the increasing speed of film production lines and along with a sustainable, increased running speed the CW Series also reportedly has faster acceleration and deceleration cycles.
This special offer will benefit those athletes and workout enthusiasts who want to increase their running speed.
New research from The University of Texas at Austin revealed that maximum running speed is the most important variable influencing mammalian eye size other than body size.
In a paper published last fall in the journal Bioinspiration and Biomitactics from the Institute of Physics, researchers report that the horizontal running speed of the robot with flapping wings was 1.

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