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RUPEE, comm. law. A denomination of money in Bengal. In the computation of ad valorem duties, it is valued at fifty-five and one half cents. Act of March 2, 1799, s. 61; 1 Story's L. U. S. 627. Vide Foreign coins.
     2. The rupee of British India as money of account at the custom-house, shall be deemed and taken to be of the value of forty-four and one half cents. Act of March 3, 1848.

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Have wired two thousand rupees your credit Luchman Narain's bank-' This was entirely in the way of trade, but every one of those telegrams was discussed and re- discussed, by parties who conceived themselves to be interested, before they went over to the railway station in charge of a foolish Balti, who allowed all sorts of people to read them on the road.
It is the Lame Tiger too, and there is a hundred rupees on his head.
On Monday, the rupee lost one paisa against the dollar.
On the interbank market, the rupee retained its previous weekend levels for buying and selling and traded flat against the dollar at Rs110.
The financial experts said the rupee has been tumbling in an apparent devaluation by the central bank itself, fearing the local currency is going to depreciate further to Rs115 against one dollar to reach its 'actual level'.
It called upon the government to take urgent measures to bring stability in the value of the domestic currency as the continuous fall in the value of rupee would bring imported inflation in the country and curtail domestic demand leading to a further slowdown in the economic growth of the country.
The Pakistani rupee continues to weaken against the US dollar after the central bank withdrew its support earlier this month.
The Pakistani rupee has witnessed volatility during the last week, losing as much as four per cent of its value as the State Bank of Pakistan allowed the currency to depreciate in a controlled manner.
KARACHI -- The rupee remained stable against the dollar at 105.
Summary: In its 100-year journey, design of One Rupee note was changed 44 times
The new series of currency will comprise of different sized paper banknotes of 500 Rupees, 100 Rupees, 50 Rupees, and 25 Rupees, and the new set of coins will include the following denominations: 10 Rupees, 5 Rupees, 1 Rupee, 25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents, and 1 cent.
Remittances to India by the white collar segment jumped by a sizeable 15-20 per cent in the last couple of days after the Indian rupee plummeted to a two-year low on August 24.