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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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Novovoznesenovka rural area of Ak-Suu district of Issyk-Kul region into Boz-Uchuk rural area;- Gavrilovka village, Lenin rural area, Suzak district, Jalal-Abad region into Orto-Say village;- Frunze village, Lenin district, Suzak district, Jalal-Abad region into Jygach-Korgon village.
He said that Punjab government was not only focusing urban areas but rural areas as well, and the initiative was a revolutionary step which clearly depicted that he preferred well-being of rural areas in the same way.
Babar Khan Sial briefed the team about different development schemes of rural areas in the district.
He said that the government was committed to ensure cleanliness facilities for the rural areas at par with urban areas.
It was deduced, based on the findings that Model A for both selected urban and rural areas of the district Peshawar showed significant and positive relation with the status of working women except participation in decision making in one urban and two rural areas and ability to cope up with the situation in risk and uncertainty in one rural area showed negative relation.
However, officials say there is a long list of doctors of the health department who are in government medical colleges, leaving the district hospitals and primary health centres in rural areas with- out doctors.
When Labour was reducing grass cutting his quip was that rural areas have sheep to keep the grass short.
Urban broadband users are enjoying high-speed access provided by FTHH and ADSL, but what about those living in rural areas where fibre and ADSL are not available?
However, there are only a few studies on the prevalence of childhood asthma in rural areas compared with an increasing number of surveys of childhood asthma in urban areas of China.
Therefore, there is a mismatch between the felt needs of the rural community and the actual availability of health care in rural areas of India.
Objective: This study aimed to determine the attitude of medical students toward serving in rural areas and the determinants of such attitude.
CLEVELAND Police aims to improve its response to incidents in rural areas on the back of a new national survey.

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