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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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However, housing in rural areas remains markedly less affordable than in urban areas.
The network called on the Government to make a commitment to create more affordable rural housing, review the planning system to increase the availability of land for homes and assess the extra costs of providing services in rural areas.
Several factors work against the potential use of public libraries in rural areas.
Nearly 16% of family physicians and slightly more than 2% of specialists work in rural areas.
People in a rural area who had been using a mobile digital phone for more than three years, were more than three times as likely to be diagnosed with a brain tumour as those living in urban areasSignal Digital mobile phone use for five years or more in a rural area upped the risk to four times.
Safety issues of not having to travel six hours on icy winter roads in rural areas is an additional benefit.
This syndrome was first reported in 1993 in three persons living in a rural area of Juquitiba County; two of them died of acute respiratory failure (1).
THE Government must do more to help boost levels of affordable housing in rural areas, the Countryside Agency urged yesterday.
Most inhabit either remote rural areas of developing countries outside electrical power grids or urban areas with inadequate utility systems.
In health care terms, rural areas are characterized by long distances needed to travel to clinics and hospitals and few health care providers.
The FCC was charged with implementing these provisions with little guidance about whether competition was a vehicle for, or an obstacle to, delivering these goals to rural areas.
North's only voice on advisory board to focus on rural areas

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