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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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The results of findings indicate that natural factors such as elevation and land topography have an important effect on rural settlement distribution in Astara.
Hoskins earns a brief mention but John Hurst and Maurice Beresford go unnoticed despite the importance of their leadership of the Wharram Research Project and the impetus they gave to rural settlement studies more widely.
Most revealing are the "high levels of prosperity in rural society, its involvement in commerce, and the complex organisation underlying the economy of rural settlements, in which trade and crafts played an important part.
I was particularly attracted by those papers that summarise recent regional research, that is otherwise difficult to access and to understand: Paul Arthur on the history of villages across southern and central Italy; Anna Leone and David Mattingly on the results of field-surveys in North Africa; Andrew Poulter on the dramatic changes to rural settlement in the Lower Danube region; Patrick Perin on the evidence for early medieval villages in Gaul; and Helena Hamerow on Anglo-Saxon rural settlement.
This is an important and impressive work which will be essential reading for all those interested in the development of English rural settlement and in the history of the English landscape more generally.
Therefore, these two books which examine rural settlement and the wealth produced from it in the Roman province of Baetica and, more closely, the core of that province, the Guadalquivir valley, are to be welcomed.
Using Cameroon as a case study, the volume discusses rural habitat and cultural preservation, national agricultural development through regional farm planning, stemming the tide of urban immigration, strategies for rural settlement development and decentralizations and regionalism.
This impressive volume, the first publication of the Discovery Programme's Medieval Rural Settlement Project, presents a scholarly summary of the archaeological and historical research to date on the rural area that surrounds Dublin during the medieval era (treated as c.
The premises qualify for Rural Settlement Relief and therefore pay only 50% of their rates.
Rural settlement in medieval Ireland in the light of recent archaeological excavations.

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