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ROUBLE. The name of a coin. The rouble of Russia, as money of account, is deemed and taken at the custom-house, to be of the value of seventy-five cents. Act March 3, 1843.

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However, during the currency adjustment in February by the National Bank of Kazakhstan jointly with the government as a whole possible economic changes have been considered, including the reduction of world oil prices and the depreciation of the Russian ruble.
After all, memories of the traumatic August 1998 ruble devaluation/default, the 2008 plunge after the Lehman failure/war with Georgia and volatile Kremlin politics/high correlation to oil prices make the Russian ruble one of the world's least loved petrocurrencies.
CME Group also set a new record in its Russian Ruble futures with 7,033 contracts traded electronically, total volume of 7,181 contracts and a notional value of $701 million.
1% of the total remittances received last year from Russia were transferred in Russian rubles, 10.
Premier Dmitry Medvedev made a speech to let the West know that all those sanctions imposed by the EU and the USA will lead to a stronger Russian Ruble.
Moscow time (14:00 GMT), the Russian ruble extended further losses against major world currencies, plummeting by 70 kopecks against the greenback to 32.
CME Russian ruble futures and options will be the first ruble contracts available on an exchange outside of Russia, and will be the first Eastern European products traded on the Merc.
The Russian ruble exchange rate against KGS fell below 1 som over the weekend.
The cooperation with CFETS on promoting the Russian ruble on the Chinese internal foreign exchange market enables the branch to provide ruble clearing services to Chinese financial institutions and carry out a wide range of customer operations in the Russian ruble in the People s Republic of China.
FRANKFURT, Germany, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst growing calls for creation of an international fund to stabilize the Russian ruble, Deutsche Bank Research writes that the lack of a strong currency is one among several key obstacles to successful reform in the largest former Soviet republic.
JSC Central Telecom and Proposed Russian Ruble 2 Bil Bond
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