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RUTA, civ. law. The name given to those things which are extracted or taken from land, as sand, chalk, coal, and such other things. Poth. Pand. liv. 50, h.t.

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It is worth to mention that the above cited compounds are characteristics of the genus Ruta and the major content of both oils is Undecan-2-one (60.
Effect of Ruta graveolens and Cannabis sativa alcoholic extract on spermatogenesis in the adult wistar male rats.
Belkassam Abdelwahab, Zellagui Amar, Gherraf Noureddine, Lahouel Mesbah and Rhouati Salah: Essential Oil Composition of Algerian Ruta Montana (Clus.
Ruta had been cooking at a country club for a few months when he got a surprising call from the White House,.
There are, of course, many other homeopathic medicines that may fit your acute case, but Ruta and these three others are very likely to help, especially if taken promptly after the injury, along with using ice, compression, and other first-aid measures.
Tambien en otros paises de la region se desarrollan rutas tematicas en torno a los alimentos como las Ruta de la Yerba Mate, las varias del Vino o de la Manzana de Argentina.
The squatters along Ruta Coban-Chisec have set up precarious stick and black plastic lean-tos on the ground they claim.
Competitors in the annual Ruta Maya race, which attracts teams from all over the world to battle against the best Belizean crews, paddle threeman fibre-glass canoes.
IABC Chairman Marcia Vaughan, ABC, and Vice Chairman Ruta Skelton, ABC, gave attenders this information on Friday morning.
In the November 1989 issue Garrett, then the magazine's editor, authored a cover story that laid out his plan for what he calls La Ruta Maya, the Mayan route.
Ruta Cinepolis presents the MTV-produced Invisible Slaves (The Animation) documentary to raise awareness about human trafficking
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