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RUTA, civ. law. The name given to those things which are extracted or taken from land, as sand, chalk, coal, and such other things. Poth. Pand. liv. 50, h.t.

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For more information on Net Rute LLC and its new Web site, visit www.
A Catholic family in the United States learned about Rute Salomao's need and they responded by providing the funds needed to construct a simple but sturdy home.
Thus, the eighty Portuguese noblemen accommodated in the juderia of Fez were looked after by their Jewish hosts, among them Abraham Rute, the brother of Jacob (II) Rute, in a spirit of tolerance, commiseration, and, most surprisingly, commensality.
The Polycom RealPresence environment and other RUTE installations will also be central to UFPE's effort to promote the creation of video-equipped health centers where professionals will be able to remotely diagnose patients located in areas where specialist care is unavailable.
Maive Rute, the European Commission's SME Envoy and Director responsible for the Euro Info Centres network confirmed an increasing interest among SMEs in safety and health issues: "Small companies often find it difficult to 'translate' and absorb new regulations into their daily operations.
Lawrence married Portuguese-born Rute in December 1994.
For example, Short follows Bedier and Hoepffner in rejecting the form Tiltagel in favour of Tintagel at line 99 (oddly, both Payen and Walter print Tiltagel at line 94, without apparent justification) and in rejecting rute del vis at line 917 in favour of bute del vis.
Accountability, sustainability and social responsibility: the context of the labour market versus the ageing population in Portugal, Ftima David and Rute Abreu;
cement of Security lnterest act, 2002, read with rute 8 (6) of the Security lnterest (enforcement) rules, 2002.
Assuming, for the purposes of argument, that the rute of law exists, there still is no moral obligation to follow an unjust law.
Two high-profile guests consisted of the European Commission's leading biotechnology representatives, EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik and Maive Rute, Director Biotechnologies.
Tenders are invited for shifting of existing cables rute and water distribution system incl supply and laying of new electl cable and sandi of new feeder pillar box and supply laying of plumbing line for construction of patient party night shelterat at mch kolkata