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Eggers, for one, believes it is too early for many manufacturers to unveil SDTV product owing to the fact that the industry is "still in the business of selling the wow factor of HDTV.
If the public ignorance of HDTV is wide and deep, that of SDTV is more so.
This raises the question of when exactly the chance to capitalize on the features of SDTV will occur.
SDTV sets do not require high-resolution displays, so prices should fall below $2,000 by 2002, the report continued.
Amino will provide the AmiNET120 STB, a High Definition Set-Top Box fitted into Amino's award winning ultra-compact form factor, which is fully capable of driving HDTV and SDTV displays.
A complete video capture and playback Digital Intermediate solution, SCSI-based ExtremeStor-DI PRO supports uncompressed SDTV and HDTV video in 10 bit and 8 bit RGB 4:4:4, 10 bit and 8 bit YUV 4:2:2, and 8 bit RGB 4:4:4:4 data streams.
For instance, the same video source can transmit a single stream that can be received and displayed by an HDTV, an SDTV and a PDA simultaneously, and each device may process only the information it requires.