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Dan Irwin, director, NASA SERVIR Coordination Office
Specifically, the SERVIR will address how water management, land use planning, disaster risk reduction and natural resource management can improve natural disaster response, food security and human health, as they pertain to each specific region and population.
NASA and USAID are expanding SERVIR to the Himalayas to address critical issues such as land cover change, air quality, glacial melts and adaptation to climate change.
The SERVIR program helps governments and development stakeholders incorporate Earth observations and geospatial technologies into natural disaster response, improve food security, safeguard human health, and manage water and natural resources.
SERVIR works in partnership with leading regional organizations around the globe to help developing countries use information provided by Earth-observing satellites and geospatial technologies to better manage climate risks and sustainability of natural resources.
Since 2003, NASA and USAID have worked together building and expanding the SERVIR program.