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Believing in his uncle's invention, Robert Jones and Colonel HMW Gray, a colleague and a fellow surgeon, set out on an ambitious campaign to educate all medical staff in the use and application of the Thomas splint.
At the 6-week follow-up, the splint group had significantly fewer cases of residual deformity --and intranasal adhesions (table 2).
Thirty-three (73%) of these patients were treated with closed reduction and immobilization in a sugar tong splint, 10 patients (22%) were acutely placed into long arm casts, and 2 (5%) were placed into a short arm volar wrist splint (Fig.
Referral to a certified hand therapist with good manual skill in packaging splints is essential for managing this disorder because, although technically simple, the splint must be modified at an angle of 10 [degrees]per week using a finger-goniometer.
In most patients who have had tooth reimplantation, Chlorhexidine mouth rinse may be prescribed to prevent and control gum inflammation (gingivitis), since the splinted teeth cannot be brushed normally and the splint usually collects extra dental plaque and food debris.
While there have been a number of clinical trials comparing two different splinting techniques for carpometacarpal joint OA (Wajon and Ada 2005, Swigart et al 1999), this study is the first RCT to compare a rigid splint with a control group that has not received a 'placebo' splint.
The authors also tracked compliance with the device, which determined the actual splint usage.
His facial splint was produced using images processed via a camera at University Hospital Birmingham which takes a 3-D impression of a patient's face in seconds.
She had a bit of a setback about a month ago when she threw a splint,' said Dunlop.
Mueller Sports Medicine) Mueller's new Calf/Shin Splint Support features a wraparound design for easy on and off and three adjustable straps for a custom fit.
One accepted technique is to manually splint the head to the trunk.