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SVV represents the variation of pulse contour derived beat-to-beat SV from the mean value during the previous 20 seconds data.
Institucija suteikia finansine garantija (iki 80% lizingo sumos) naujiems SVV lizingo sandoriams (iki 6,47 mln.
Both groups showed a similar (but wider than the untilted) pattern of distribution of unsigned SVV errors when the CRAF test frame was tilted (Figure 4(a)).
5] Newer, dynamic indices such as SVV and pulse pressure variation can accurately predict fluid responsiveness and improve outcomes,[sup.
3] Because SVV has been shown in previous studies to be an accurate method to predict fluid responsiveness and optimize fluid management in surgical and intensive care patients, the similar accuracy shown with noninvasive PVI suggests that PVI-guided fluid optimization may also help guide fluid management to minimize patient risk, as was already shown in one randomized controlled trial.
Five years later, Advocaat teamed up with Wim Jansen as technical director at Dutch Second Division oufit SVV and together they won the league in 1990.
Straipsnio tikslas--ivertinti IT audito metodiku taikymo galimybes Lietuvos SVV imonems.
1981-84: DSVP Pijnacker (81-84); Holland (assistant 84-87); Haarlem (87- 89); SVV (89-91); SVV-Dordrecht`90 (91); Holland (92-94); PSV Eindhoven (96).
When I was technical director at SVV in Holland a few years ago, we needed a coach and he came in.
The most significant upgrade is the enhancement of the Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation with SVV test.
Advocaat's star was definitely rising but he moved on to Rotterdam outfit SVV, where he teamed up with Wim Jansen.
The study addresses a question in the testing for balance and dizziness disorders about whether or not to consider the static SVV results during the dynamic SVV test.