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The Diego Maradona-trained Al Wasl were in for a rude shock last week when they were thrashed 5-0 by Dubai; Al Wahda became debutants Emirates Club's sacrificial offering yet again and another debutant Ajman Club have been impressive so far with emphatic wins, first against Al Ahli and then against neighbours Sharjah.
The actions that have been taken smack of a sacrificial offering so as senior management can, as Bernard Lawson has been quick to do, advise the public regarding the splendid job he feels they are doing.
But being the generous soul that he is, he has politely ignored our sacrificial offering.
It is time that Arabs stopped to wait for those lone heroes who appear here and there, throwing them like sacrificial offering to the powerful.
She not only fails to accomplish the task but also becomes the sacrificial offering (the dragon) for the story's hero.
In short, expect the unexpected because that's whay you get from this vivid, witty and often ferocious sacrificial offering on the altar of originality in an oh-too-often dour pop world.
That adds up to the sacrificial offering of three major wickets in the last few minutes before two intervals at the end of good sessions for England.
We know what you're saying Peter, and you did performas the sacrificial offering up front, working alone after Wayne Rooney's dismissal.
This could have been connected to the "spotless" sacrificial offering reported in the Hebrew Scriptures as offering the hope of salvation (126).
In Genesis 22:1-14, God tests Abraham by asking him to kill his son Isaac on the mountain as a sacrificial offering.
It seems that once a year, the dragon (Paul Murphy) takes a winsome village maiden as a sacrificial offering.