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26 Zilkade Cuma 1066 (15 Eylul 1656) tarihinde Boynuyarali Mehmed Pasa'nin yerine, Hatice Turhal Sultan'in destegi ile sadrazam olmustur.
While admitting he was at the Dherynia crossing point the day Solomou was shot, Sadrazam said his role as an officer was merely to communicate events on the ground to his superiors.
Recounting events on August 11, 1996, Sadrazam said that after warning shots had been fired over the crowd of around 2,000 people protesting the death of two Greek Cypriots at the crossing point three days earlier, he phoned his superiors to inform them of the "uncontrolled shooting" that had broken out.
I don't know whether he [Akin] used his own pistol to shoot [C*] but after the shots had died down, I went up to the balcony [where Akin had been photographed shooting at Solomou] and he was there," Sadrazam said, adding that he could confirm that the photographs taken were of Akin.
Strongly inferring that Akin had at least tried to kill Solomou, and that he had done so without receiving orders, Sadrazam said "For Akin to take out his pistol and take aim and try to shoot at a person is a crime".
Na'ili, Sadrazam Koprulu-zade Fazil Ahmed Pasa'ya bircok siir sunmus ve siirlerinde kendisine yardim etmesini istemistir.
Sadrazam Salih Pasa'nin yardimlarini gordugunu su sekilde dile getirmistir:
Seref Hanim, Sadrazam Ali Pasa'dan bircok yardim gormustur.
Bu durumunu kendisine yakin buldugu Sadrazam Ali Pasa'ya utana sikila acmis, maasinin ve evinin olmadigini su beyitte dile getirmistir:
1478'de de Gedik Ahmed Pasa 'nin yerine sadrazam olmustur.
Bu donemde himayelerini gordugu Kasim Pasa, Mustafa Pasa, Sadrazam Davud Pasa, Mesih Pasa ve Hadim Ali Pasa gibi devlet adamlarina da kasideler sunmustur.
Daha sonra sefer sirasinda oldurulen Yunus Pasa'nin yerine sadrazam tayin edilmistir.