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The Country Focus reports at hand cover the most important topics related to the above-mentioned criteria for safe country of origin designation, namely: state structure (Constitution, Executive branch, Legislative Branch, Administration), socio-political landscape (Political parties, Elections, Civil society, Media), rule of law and state protection (Law enforcement, Judiciary), security situation and human rights situation (Legal context, Freedom of expression/religion/assembly, Detention, Situation of specific groups ethnic or religious minorities, journalists, human rights activists, women, children, LGBTI persons, victims of trafficking, returnees).
127) More likely, given the safe country of origin policy, the persecuted EU citizen will be returned to his or her home country based on the incorrect assumption that all EU states are safe.
Among other changes, Ms Guillaume proposes the creation of an Advisory Body on Safe Country of Origin Information, formed by representatives of EASO and UNHCR, as well as other independent and reliable third parties, which would assist during the designation and list review process.