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You are set the task of recruiting gang members to help Sly's adventures - from the canals of Italy to the outback of Australia - taking on gondola races, aerial dog fights and safe-cracking along the way.
DARLINGTON chairman George Reynolds claims to have been a dab hand at safe-cracking.
A minority of them went on to use their skills in the complex business of safe-cracking.
Brando, De Niro and Edward Norton in a slick, safe-cracking thriller.
Before long, he'd returned to safe-cracking and shortly after returning to Glasgow, he found himself back behind bars.
Ingenious safe-cracking and a neat conclusion all make an entertaining and welcome break from the brainless nonsense that has pervaded our screens of late.
A year later in Philadelphia, John's daughter Stella (Charlize Theron), who has turned dad's safe-cracking skills to legal use as a security consultant, is approached by Charlie, after he's heard that Steve is now in L.
Two lounge singers, played by Sam Rockwell and Steve Zahn, are confused by the Jewish Mafia for two safe-cracking wheeler dealers.
A suspect was cleared of a pounds 30,000 safe-cracking job yesterday after a police bungle.
JASON demonstrates his safe-cracking skills on I Didn't Know That on the National Geographic channel tonight at 9pm.
And one of the five safes in the workshop was still open, allowing them to strip it bare without safe-cracking.