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On health and safety grounds they had to move, but it meant we would have had no scanner and no PA system.
The political agreement provides for a relatively high level (corresponding to level 4 on the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) assessment scale) of knowledge of English and, where member states deem appropriate on safety grounds, the local tongue too.
Discussions focused on safety with Mr Rusko seeking to demonstrate that it would be preferable on safety grounds to close the two reactors at the same time.
After returning from maternity leave the pilot was permitted to reduce her hours to 75%, but her request for half-time working was rejected on safety grounds.
Switzerland subsequently revealed that it had banned the Egyptian airline from its skies two years ago on safety grounds.
Board member Julie Korenstein, who has long opposed the Belmont project on safety grounds, said in the last few years she made inquiries about seismic issues but her concerns were brushed aside in a rush to get the school built.
An original fence, which was in place for 40 years, had become so dilapidated it had to be removed on health and safety grounds.
As a frequent flyer, I am personally concerned about air safety, to the point of reading the detailed crash post-mortem reports by the National Transportation Safety Board and occasionally avoiding an airline on safety grounds.
Advertising hoardings came loose and on health and safety grounds the match was postponed and hastily rearranged for a week today.
At Gloucestershire's Kingsholm Primary, the headmistress has banned, on safety grounds, a plague of socks decorated round the ankles with lace frills.
But Bernie Ecclestone defended the current rules saying it was time drivers "used their brains" and the FIA rule-makers stepped in, insisting changes could only be made on safety grounds.
One application was turned down on safety grounds, because of fears people would be blocking the highway and run the risk of getting hit by vehicles.