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On health and safety grounds they had to move, but it meant we would have had no scanner and no PA system.
A SECTION of the promenade at Seaton Carew is to be closed to the public on safety grounds.
A ban on BNP leader Nick Griffin visiting the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant on safety grounds was yesterday branded "outrageous" by the party.
GOLFERS have beaten a "crazy" plan to cut their course to 17 holes instead of the regular 18 on health and safety grounds.
The iconic treat--which is famed for its flimsy plastic 'toys' and mystifying assembly instructions--has fallen foul of German regulators on health and safety grounds, presumably because consumers were genuinely 'surprised' to find brightly coloured chintz inside each egg.
A spokesperson for the event, where BP's Welsh presenter Gethin Jones was among the big names set to appear, said the decision had been made on health and safety grounds and, as yet, there were no plans to reschedule it for a later date.
After returning from maternity leave the pilot was permitted to reduce her hours to 75%, but her request for half-time working was rejected on safety grounds.
Switzerland subsequently revealed that it had banned the Egyptian airline from its skies two years ago on safety grounds.
Board member Julie Korenstein, who has long opposed the Belmont project on safety grounds, said in the last few years she made inquiries about seismic issues but her concerns were brushed aside in a rush to get the school built.
An original fence, which was in place for 40 years, had become so dilapidated it had to be removed on health and safety grounds.
As a frequent flyer, I am personally concerned about air safety, to the point of reading the detailed crash post-mortem reports by the National Transportation Safety Board and occasionally avoiding an airline on safety grounds.
FA spokesman Scott Field said: "With high demand for tickets from the large Polish community in England, the FA took the decision, on safety grounds, to ensure Polish fans were allocated space in a specific area of the ground, rather than trying to buy tickets in home areas.