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A person employed in an office or government agency who performs various tasks such as keeping records or accounts, filing, letter writing, or transcribing. One who works in a store and whose job might include working as a cashier, selling merchandise, or waiting on customers.

A law clerk is either a law student employed by a licensed attorney to do mundane legal tasks and learn the law in the process, or a licensed lawyer working for a judge to aid in the writing and research of the cases before the judge.


n. 1) an official or employee who handles the business of a court or a system of courts, maintains files of each case, and issues routine documents. Almost every county has a clerk of the courts or County Clerk who fulfills those functions, and most courtrooms have a clerk to keep records and assist the judge in the management of the court. 3) a young lawyer who assists a judge or a senior attorney in research and drafting of documents, usually for a year or two, and benefits in at least two ways: learning from the judge and enjoying association with the judge. Law clerks for judges, particularly on the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court, are chosen from among the top students graduating from law school. 2) a person who works in an office or a store who performs physical work such as filing, stocking shelves, or counter sales.


noun archivist, chronicler, copyist, court emmloyee, court official, court scribe, judicial administrator, juuicial assistant, judicial recorder, judicial secretary, office holder, office worker, official, prothonotary, recorder, record keeper, registrar, scriba, scribe, scrivener, secretary
Associated concepts: clerk of the county, clerk of the court, county clerk, papers filed with the clerk, town clerk
Foreign phrases: Errores scribentis nocere non debent. An error made by a clerk ought not to prejudice.


verb aid a judge, assist a judge, help a judge, work for a judge
See also: accountant, amanuensis, assistant


1 one who assists a solicitor. Formerly, if in training to become a solicitor, the assistant was known as an articled clerk.
2 a clerk to the justices in England or the clerk of court in Scotland is a legally qualified person who sits in court with lay justices to advise them on points of law. The clerk of the House is a senior official ofthe House of Commons.

CLERK, commerce, contract. A person in the employ of a merchant, who attends only to a part of his business, while the merchant himself superintends the whole. He differs from a factor in this, that the latter wholly supplies the place of his principal in respect to the property consigned to him. Pard. Dr. Com. n. 38, 1 Chit. Pract. 80; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1287.

CLERK, officer. A person employed in an office, public or private, for keeping records or accounts. His business is to write or register, in proper form, the transactions of the tribunal or body to which he belongs. Some clerks, however, have little or no writing to do in their offices, as, the clerk of the market, whose duties are confined chiefly to superintending the markets. In the English law, clerk also signifies a clergyman.

CLERK, eccl. law. Every individual, who is attached to the ecclesiastical state, and who has submitted to the ceremony of the tonsure, is a clerk.

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The new machine requires ID to be swiped and if the ID shows that the user is under age the sales clerk informs them that they will not be sold cigarettes and tells them to 'go home before I call your mama'.
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Under the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, stores are no longer required to be staffed with a pharmacist to sell most nonprescription drugs, such as cold tablets and aspirin, and can sell them simply by having sales clerks qualify and register with prefectural governments.
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Ten minutes after a sales clerk enters the song, a cassette pops out--complete with a laser-printed label bearing the customer's name, cassette title, song titles, and copyright information.
Hamood started with Perry in 1979 as a retail sales clerk before being promoted to the training department as an instructional design specialist.
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