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One advantage of putting this argument in Bayesian terms is that it shows why randomized experimentation is not dispensable when inferring causes from probabilities, in the way that random samples arguably are when inferring probabilities from sample statistics.
TABLE 1 Sample Statistics for Benefit Payment Ratios of Three Types of Life Insurance Line i Age Type Mean Variance Skewness Kurtosis 1 (25) 10-year term 0.
Depending on characteristics of the original population, which often are not known, sample data may contain various differences in sample statistics of treatment groups greater than might be expected.
The SOC simulated models generated through sGs reproduce, on average, the sample statistics well.
There are important differences across the sample statistics of [[tau].
Sample statistics are reported in Table 2 and discussed in the results section.
Sokal and Rohlf's (1981) single-sample comparison and appropriate sample statistics were used to calculate classification cut-points for reproductive classes from nipple dimensions or volume (Mech et al.
Both n's and k are small in the sense of representing the limits of performance of large sample statistics, although not necessarily unrepresentative of actual meta-analytic practice (Hedges & Olkin, 1985, p 117).
In this section we will study some sample statistics of the actual data.
In addition, sample statistics were reedited after the reclassification of companies.
Table 1: Paired Sample Statistics Paired Samples Statistics Std.
I agree, however, that my thesis--that inferential models using sample statistics are not necessary for appraisal work--requires thorough discussion and examination.