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Speaking at the occasion, Sanai said: "The Government of Gilgit-Baltistan is proud of our students, who have taken on the great responsibility of leading the future generations.
Iran's military power, including the issue of access to ballistic missiles is not a topic for talks, Sanai Rad said, Iran's Fars news agency reported July 18.
Leo Trasande, assistant director of the Center for Children's Health and the Environment at Mount Sanai Medical Center, New York, has a different view.
a[euro] He said that a[euro]oeIqbal was profoundly moved by the works, movement and messages of great Afghan and Pushtoon generals, leaders and scholars like Mehmood Ghaznavi, Hakeem Sanai, Sher Shah Suri, Ahmad Shah Abdali, Khushal Khan Khattak and Syed Jamaluddin Aghani, etc.
Scorers - El Jaish: Ahmed Elahmar 9, Zarko Markovic 8, Hassan Rabbie 5, Mohamed Shebib 5, Heykel Megannem 3, Amine Khedher 3, Hamdi Ayed 2, Slim Hedoui 1, Mosbah Sanai 1
poets among sufis [Rudaqi Sanai Attaar Sa'di Hafiz Amir Khusraw et al.
For Jaish, Mosbah Sanai was the top scorer with three strikes.
17] Abdo AA, Sanai FM, Azzam N, Al Sawat K, Al Dukhayil M, Al Ghumlas A, Hersi A.
2010; Sanai and Zain 2011) focus on a general examination of learners' motivation for second language reading.
Still, reports revealed that the DENR had issued a mining permit, called MPSA or the mineral production sharing agreement, to a company called Mount Sanai in February 2011.