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The packages are designed in order to satisfy a large range of taste and travel interests, but above this, to cover the rights for all: Sano Touring offer is adapted, up to the extent of Romanian logistical limitations, to suit the special needs of tourists travelling to Romania.
In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home, and with my brother who has not had food in the last three days, I will now commence a voluntary fasting for the climate," Sano told colleagues.
If a hurricane comes in line like Katrina and Rita, then that would be a big problem," Sano said, referring to the two 2005 hurricanes which virtually paralyzed the US gulf industry for weeks.
Steinberg is believed to have made a similar request during the meeting with Sano.
He definitely brought it out of me," said Phelps, who acknowledged he's watched Sano race all weekend long.
The suspect showed police identification and a badge to the hotel's security officer and claimed Sano was a drug trafficker.
It was a malicious case that was plotted systematically and cleverly, and it damaged confidence in food labeling,'' Sano said.
These panels are a truly incredible find and we are extremely proud to be able to put them on public show for the first time since they have been accredited to Sano di Pietro," said Laura Turner, curator of art at the gallery.
Coordinated by the Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing, the Dionysian Festival is an annual tribute to the tunic-clad dance legend, Isadora.
In April, as the company ushered in a new president, 30-year veteran Seiichiro Sano, shareholders were telling the company to outsource or spin off its mobile phones and digital camera units, too.
Hansman, * Daisuke Sano, [dagger] You Ueki, [double dagger] Takahiro Imai, [dagger] Tomoichiro Oka, * Kazuhiko Katayama, * Naokazu Takeda, * and Tatsuo Omura [dagger]