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The specific Satanic ritual known as a 'black mass' is intended as a deliberate attack on the Catholic Mass as well as the foundational beliefs of all Christians with the stated purpose of mocking the Catholic faith," Oklahoma Archbishop Paul Coakley said in a statement.
These reports of satanic ritual abuse led to intense investigations by local law enforcement as well as the FBI.
Sue Durrant, Newcastle I WAS horrified to read the report of children as young as two being raped by satanic ritual abusers, including MP Cyril Smith.
America has a long, unfortunate history of sex panics; we have foolishly feared satanic ritual abuse, HPV vaccines and emergency contraception leading to "promiscuity," strip clubs destroying families and neighborhoods, and pornography leading to sex crimes.
Barney's death came shortly before a horse was found dead in Cornwall with very similar injuries - prompting fears in the south-west of England that the animal had been sacrificed in a satanic ritual.
She is murdered for her baby girl as part of a satanic ritual and Milton breaks out of the underworld, determined to save his granddaughter.
Jennifer's Body (15) Clunkily camp high school horror as a misfiring Satanic ritual turns hottie Megan Fox into psycho cannibal vamp.
She said: "We have counselled a lot of people - many more than you'd think - who have been affected by Satanic ritual.
8 million judgment for a client who accused her psychotherapist of planting false memories of satanic ritual abuse by members of her family.
I swear at one point I saw them all wearing hooded capes around a backyard fire involved in a satanic ritual, sacrificing goats and virgins.
Much of the early-'80s frenzy about child molesters and Satanic ritual abuse, for example, is traceable to Susan Brownmiller-style feminism, with its view of rape and incest as frequent or normative aspects of patriarchy.
Satanic Killings by journalist and musician Frank Moorhouse is the modern history of the killings committed by cult members of the black magic and Satanic ritual practices.