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Ali al-Sayyed was betrayed by his state," said the late soldier's uncle, Adnan Sayyed, reading a statement released by the soldier's family.
On Saturday Sayyed said, "There is no trust in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigating Hariri's murder, before the Arab world and the Sunnis know why false witnesses were fabricated and why the current Prime Minister and the March 14 coalition were involved in this process.
Relatives of Sayyed gathered at the family's home, trying to calm down his shocked mother.
But Sayyed maintained that measures taken in the case of Samaha were tantamount to a crime perpetrated by the team of Internal Security Chief Major General Ashraf Rifi, Head of the Information Branch General Wissam Hassan and retired State Prosecutor Saeed Mirza, at a time when the government is passive.
Sayyed accused the UN-appointed STL, which is probing and trying suspects in the massive suicide truck bombing that killed Hariri and 22 others in Beirut on February 14, 2005, of failing to act on "false witnesses" because it is being politically influenced by the Western-backed, anti-Syrian coalition known as March 14.
We are not going to act according to complaints," El- Sayyed said.
We are used to discuss things directly with the patriarch, and we explained to him our opinion on the visit to the Holy Land," Sayyed said.
Sayyed counseled Wissam al-Hasan to put what he bore of information in the hands of the Investigating Judge rather than joggling them before the media.
The attack was initially blamed on four Lebanese officers -- including Sayyed -- suspected of being close to Syria, but the Special Tribunal has since indicted four members of Hezbollah and begun to try them in their absence.
Commenting on Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah's speech concerning his party's attachment to weapons, the MP said, "no other issue but the weapons would be discussed in the dialogue table".
Siddiq asserted that the recording implicated Sayyed in Hariri's assassination, mentioning that this was the first time he had provided official documents of this kind to the court, saying that "at the appropriate time" he would reveal more.
But Sayyed accused the reporter behind the article of lying.