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A pejorative term used colloquially in reference to a nonunion worker who takes the place of a union employee on strike or who works for wages and other conditions that are inferior to those guaranteed to a union member by virtue of the union contract.


Labor Union.

See: pariah
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For further information about the free sheep scab testing service, contact Carmarthen VIC by emailing carmarthen@apha.
Scab material softened with water was cultured on 10% blood agar at 370C in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 for 4 days.
The extract found to be most toxic to the pecan scab fungus was purified and found to contain trans-cinnamic acid.
The material mimics the underside of scabs, where tiny fibers are arranged in the same direction like velvet or a cat's fur.
With brother John, he enlisted support from more than 30 neighbours after a scab outbreak in 2009.
We said: "The kinder, gender methods of scab removal prior to cannulation of the buttonhole access enhance dialysis nurses' ability to help patients preserve their access sites.
He said: "I have a ticket for Tannadice and if there is a scab referee in the middle I won't be there.
It's not the sublime Alpine scenery that really has me gasping for breath, but the fact that the riders continue racing even when they've got massive great scabs on their knees.
In the immediate aftermath of 1917 there were thousands of scabs working in all three ports; scab unions had been formed and their members granted preference over members of the WWF.
When sorting whole potatoes after the peeler, Optyx WPS can be set up to identify potatoes with residual peel or scab and then send these to an abrasive re-peel.
Based on a factor analytic analysis, Kelly concluded that the SCAB assessed these essential components; thus demonstrating some degree of construct validity.