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One milliliter of Campylobacter cocktail was added to 99 ml of either scalder or chiller water, and the copper electrodes were deeply inserted to a 200 ml beaker containing either scalder or chiller water.
USDA regulations require that the scalder be constantly flooded, resulting in a waste stream of about 25 gal/min of hot water.
Set-up requires at a minimum a scalder of some sort, a work table, cutting tools, and running water.
Such variables include ambient air temperature, scalder temperature, nut size dryer temperature, deck speed in the dryer, and moisture content.
After the scalder project is completed I hope to buy or build a better picker.
They were scalded at 143[degrees] F in a homemade scalder (heater elements in a 55 gallon drum with a thermostat in line), and plucked on a stand-up horizontally rolling chicken plucker.