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The basic pay of an employee would be fixed in the new basic pay scales on point-to-point basis.
All existing employees have joined System Scale, and Central Scales owner John Sanders is now in a senior management role with System Scale.
And dry/wet conversion scales are number one in consumer interest.
In examining the face-to-face course responses, student preferences compared to their actual perceptions, data indicated that on the scales of Personal Relevance (Preferred m=4.
Ramsay's presentation of scales takes the pianist through one-octave and two-octave parallel motion with fingering, including "jazz melodic minor" scales.
Empirical relationships derived from either microenvironment- or macroenvironment-level scales must be relevant at the scales at which vector control interventions are applied.
The most basic are how big can you scale and how does this compare to the target environment.
Researchers agree, for instance, that while the theory produces good predictions when viewed on a scale from microbes to whales, the theory is rife with exceptions when it's applied to animals that are relatively close in temperature and size.
However, a combination of a gradient design with field and laboratory experiments can be a powerful approach for the initial phases of indicator development, but as the indicator is applied at larger spatial scales or in uncharacterized sites, additional approaches are needed.
The raw scores from the self-concept scales and the social studies test were analyzed by using a two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA).
Variable speed drives are then used to adjust the product flow according to the requirements of the scales.
Tanita Corporation has several new hospital scales available for long-term care, The 2450T Wheelchair Scale and 2600T Large Wheelchair Scale feature increased portability because of their lightweight, foldable designs, the capability to weigh wheelchair-bound residents, and safety features such as sturdy handrails and low platforms.