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On the basis of a Cattell scatter diagram as well as a factor loading of all items on the first factor higher than .
The scatter diagrams of the sample regions using FMD and AMD are shown in Figs.
Scatter diagrams corresponding to different cross sections of the abdomen were shown in Figure 8(a) and (b).
The list has since been expanded upon to include many other tools but the original seven were Cause-and Effect diagrams, Check sheets, Control charts, Histograms, Pareto charts, Scatter diagrams and Stratification, Hambleton (2007).
We will also present a new test and scatter diagram that clarifies the truth in this dictum.
Figure 1 offers a scatter diagram of pair-wise observations of changes in the short rate and the term spread.
To depict bivariate data (correlations between prices and volume) a scatter diagram (Figure 4) was used and the Pearson's coefficient was calculated.
The relation between theory and experiment is shown in the following scatter diagram.
A CPA CAN CHOOSE FROM THESE common chart types: pie chart, horizontal bar chart, vertical bar chart or horizontal line chart, vertical column chart or histogram frequency distribution chart and scatter diagram.
Small values of r produce a scatter diagram with points that are more like a circle than a line.