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A regression line fitted to the scatter diagram by a least squares estimate defines the linear relationship between the two variables.
Scatter diagrams corresponding to different cross sections of the abdomen were shown in Figure 8(a) and (b).
The scatter diagrams for observed and modelled waves are similar at all observation sites for low and moderate wave conditions up to wave heights of 3 m (Fig.
9) The scatter diagram of Figure 1 shows observations of a 26-basis-point decrease and a 30-basis-point increase in the short rate that come with no or only minute changes in the term spread.
interpret scatter diagrams to determine the correlation between variables
The scatter diagram has the ability to show nonlinear relationships between variables by plotting variables against each other.
This relationship can be plotted out on a scatter diagram (Figure 1).
By analyzing tabular data without viewing a scatter diagram, an appraiser may not identify and properly account for the impact of economies of scale or diminishing marginal returns when selecting a unit of comparison.
San Jose, California, and Portland, Oregon, are clearly outliers in the scatter diagrams with high growth, high per capita GDP, and high educational attainment.
In addition, auditing, visual inspection, pareto charts, process mapping, failure mode and effects analysis, and scatter diagrams will be discussed.