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As I read the story of Esther, as I hope you will this month, too, it leaves me wondering about schemers and God and how God deals with us in our scheming.
Schemers adds, "Our continued investment in our infrastructure is a big reason why our customers and partners commit to Socialgist.
Even the Catholic Church has its share of schemers.
In Monkeyface, they play a couple of schemers out to cheat a racecourse.
What's especially exasperating is that Bush and his political schemers continue to pretend that they respect the church-state wall--all the while laboring to bring it down.
Stroman (a 2001 Dance Magazine Award winner; see page 48) has teamed up with Brooks to create a stage musical from his wildly comic tale of a pair of show-biz schemers who plot to produce the world's worst musical so they can pocket all the extra money provided by the show's unsuspecting "angels.
This modest rationality is not what you ordinarily associate with Utopian liberal schemers.
OTC:SGDS), a Southern California-based premium intelligent home provider, today announced that Don Moore, Director and Tony Breeden, Senior Vice President are featured in an interview with Kurt Schemers of Traders Nation, the largest nationally syndicated live radio and television talk show for small cap stocks providing a daily review of the most promising investment opportunities in the United States.
Just when we might have thought that moviemakers had pretty much exhausted the possibilities of De Laclos's treacherous game of sexual chess, along comes a '60s-set miniseries boasting a mouthwatering cast that includes two icons of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve and Danielle Darrieux, not to mention such expert schemers as Rupert Everett, Leelee Sobieski, and Nastassja Kinski.
Brehm captures the essence of a well established growing company," says Kurt Schemers, host of Traders Nation.
Now, these same schemers, using terrorism as the proverbial foot in the door, are trying to institute what amounts to a domestic passport.
com Type of Organization: Private Industry: Entertainment: TV and Radio Key Executives: President: Kurt Schemers Public Relations Contact: Kurt Schemers Phone: 623-465-0844 Email: kurt@tradersnation.