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During the course of his survey work using the Uppsala Southern Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring in Australia, Gordon Garradd discovered the 13th comet to be given his name.
8 Schmidt telescope of the Catalina Sky Survey, found that the minor planet (596) Scheila appeared to be exhibiting comet-like behaviour.
This comet was discovered comparatively recently, in 1968, by Martin Hartley at the UK Schmidt Telescope unit in Australia.
Schmidt Telescope at Epping, Australia, reveals that the most distant luminous quasars ever observed have the same density as those closer to Earth, report Richard McMahon and Michael Irwin of the University of Cambridge in England.
In the same letter, Spencer Jones, positional astronomer that he was, expressed his wish for a Schmidt telescope, a wish that would be a recurrent feature of his correspondence for the rest of his tenure as Astronomer Royal.