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In any case, one may readily put up against that scholion a passage of the sober, early, and learned Tertullian (De anim.
A possible reference to polis records of deme territory comes in a scholion to Ar.
Note the scholiast's alternating use and nonuse of the definite article with [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], both here and further on in the same scholion (as quoted below in n.
402, for Jacoby's idea that the subject of the scholion and the horismoi may have been regions of the city rather than demes; this nearly led him (p.
Further on, the same scholion suggests the possibility on the basis of a passage in the Monotropos (414 B.
3, for Wycherley's note that this stoa was probably "one of those along the road from the Dipylon to the agora, on the south, where [in accord with the scholion to Ar.
If there is need to emphasize further the unreliability of scholiasts on demes, one need not look far, for a scholion (to Aeschin.
63) Though as the T Scholion points out, divine favor, even when not used in an offensive way, is no guarantee of one's well-being.
points out that the scholion on 64 presupposes the subjunctive: [Unknown Words Omitted] (III.
The latter is the interpretation prompted by the related paraphrase in the scholion to Aesch.
The doctrine that stasis is an accidental is attacked in a scholion on Hermogenes (RG 7.
42 Marcovich) occurs in a scholion on Tzetzes' commentary on the Iliad.