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Hyderabad: A farmer's son committed suicide by jumping before a train after he was humiliated by the school authorities over his inability to pay school fees.
Not mentioning the school's name, Abdul Hai, the father of two asked why school fees are increased after summer vacations each year adding we mentally prepare ourselves during summer vacations for a fee increased but surprisingly the increase goes beyond our expectations.
The Senior Minister has categorically said that the increase in school fee would not be allowed and would not be tolerated.
If there is one theme in the 'Back to School' campaigns that is cutting through the clamour, it is the chance to win a year's school fees.
Private school fees have increased by significantly more than inflation over the past decade, making it difficult for people in many occupations to afford a private education for their children.
PARENTS in Wales are finding it increasingly difficult to finance private school fees after a hike in the cost of independent education, a report has found.
A limitation of the paper is that it is based on a survey of private school fees payable in the 1997 school year only.
He said the arbitrary increase in school fee has caused serious concern among parents.
Parents in the UAE are now turning to banks to manage the burden of school fees.
It's too soon yet for Neha Pandey, mother of 3-year-old Aren to worry about school fees, as nursery school fees aren't affected.
Dubai's education regulatory body the Knowledge and Human Development AuthorA[degrees]ity announced in February there would be no school fee increases for the 2013/2014 academic year.
A section of parents also demanded that the hike in school fee with effect from the third quarter of the academic year be withdrawn and scrapped with immediate effect.

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