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RENEWING its commitment to simplifying customers' lives, Doha Bank, one of the largest private commercial banks in Qatar, has once again rolled out its 'Back to School' campaign to help parents pay their children's school fees using the bank's credit card with easy and flexible repayment plans, while receiving guaranteed Doha Miles rewards for their spend.
Easypaisa's goal is to digitize all school fee payments in Pakistan.
Parents and students - with School Fee Payment - will be able to simply log on to institute's website and provide roll number, against which the system will automatically fetch payable fee amount.
He also warned the owners of private schools that compelling the parents to deposit school fee for four months at a time would also not be tolerated.
Research by the bank shows that the rate of growth for private school fees for day pupils is marginally faster that the increase in the Retail Price Index (RPI) at 20% over the same time period, and four times more than the rise in average earnings at 5%.
GEMS group chief operating officer Dino Varkey told 7DAYS that inspection results should not play such a huge role in determining school fees and that the cost of running an establishment should be taken into consideration, as well as student results.
Private school fees have increased by significantly more than inflation over the past decade, making it difficult for people in many occupations to afford a private education for their children.
In addition, Mashreq offers the convenience of 0% easy payment plans of up to 12 months for school fee expenses, to all its credit cardholders as well as bonus cashback on the Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card.
These views were expressed by a father who just came out from a bank after depositing monthly school fee with yet another increase.
Government will not allow hike in school fee without taking prior permission from it, the Karachi Commissioner said during his meeting with associations of private schools here.
They can enjoy 10 per cent cash back on all school fee spends above Dh2,500 by sending an SMS to enroll.
Depending on the amount of the school fee payment, parents can receive a guaranteed Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Apple iPad Mini or Lenovo laptop, absolutely free.

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