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By summarizing and expressing in simpler Latin the technical discussions happening in the schools, pastoral manuals mediated between the famed schoolmen of the Church and the simple pastors exercising the care of souls.
The schoolmen were not homogeneous but in their diversity were profoundly unified in the development of intellectual authority.
375ff), but also suggests the Holy Spirit in the "splendor formae" of the Schoolmen.
Instead, a network of women seemed to operate informally, out of the view of the more structured and forma tive web of schoolmen whose contributions have been covered in standard texts on the history of education.
They rejected the speculations of Aristotle and the medieval schoolmen and instead followed a new 'experimental philosophy' based on getting their hands dirty with an eye on useful results.
Whereas Stock's earlier works focused almost exclusively on the 'textual communities' constituted by the medieval schoolmen, the present book expands the horizon of Stock's fundamental interest to include such modern authors as Arthur Schopenhauer, Samuel Coleridge and Virginia Woolf.
In fact, he concludes, "only among those who would be proconsuls or were schoolmen, did the Roman empire find much favour.
The musical ideas of Francis resonate among the writings of the thirteenth-century Franciscan schoolmen, above all St.
It is the purpose of Sumaiya Hamdani in Between Revolution and State to show how this responsibility was both undertaken and justified by the Qadi al-Nu'man, the great apologist of the dynasty in the middle of the tenth century, whose Da'a'im al-Islam ("The Pillars of Islam") aimed to reconcile the Shari'a, as it had been elaborated over the previous centuries by the schoolmen, with the sole authority of the Imam.
Though a medieval scholastic influence upon his style is evident, the body of the confession never cites medieval schoolmen explicitly.
Schoolmen, accordingly, sought to capture this image by stressing both quality and quantity in their product and in pursuing a supposedly-attainable science of education which David Snedden (1927), Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia, viewed as capable of providing the answers to questions involving selection of the best methodologies, capabilities of and the social needs of learners, advantages and disadvantages of various types of teacher training, and the effects of time allotment, building utilization, and a number of other unspecified factors.
Modern ideology embodies the terrible drama of discivilization, that "destructive process that abolishes the message of the Hebrew Prophets, the words of Christ and his Disciples, the writings of the Holy Fathers and Angelic Doctors of the Church, the witness of Christian martyrs and Saints, the treatises of the Schoolmen, the discourses of the great divines of Reformation and Counter-Reformation.