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Although Reckow does not consider the contributions of the Franciscan schoolmen, their views would certainly support his thesis that audiences in the Middle Ages recognized and appreciated the complex relationships between music and poetry, as did audiences after 1500.
The medieval schoolmen may well have argued over how many angels danced on the point of a pin, but the poor artist had to determine how many angels he could economically introduce into his painting since he had to consider the use of expensive pigments such as red and blue.
Poetry, Rhetoric, and the Common Good" O'Malley's phrase for his third culture, describes the tradition of Homer, Isocrates, Cicero, and of the great humanists of the 16th and 17th centuries, Erasmus first among them, who put bonae litterae and the public art of persuasion at the center of an educational project focused on the common good and who sought to instill the habit of dialogue as an antidote to the contentious dialectic of the schoolmen.
To this end, they published books, adapted curricula, built classrooms, houses, dormitories, swimming pools and dams, and established gardens, so that the reader gets the overall impression of multi-skilled schoolmen dedicated to the work of improving the lot of the people of Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands, particularly through education.
Efforts of these well-known "scholastics" usually get a token mention in history of psychology texts, as both philosophers and historians have long established the importance of these schoolmen in shaping the course of Western civilization.
In Lectures on The Age of Elizabeth, Hazlitt compares Bacon with the schoolmen ("great undertakers indeed, and fierce with dark keeping"), favoring Bacon who "seemed to bend all his thoughts to the practice of life, and to bring home the light of science to 'the bosoms and businesses of men'" (6:333).
Spirit and matter indeed have been for the most part opposed, with a false contrast or antagonism, by schoolmen, whose artificial creation those abstractions really are.
Viewed in the round as a teaching tool Femina takes us into the province of the Schoolmen, the world of the dictatores such as Sampson or Kingsmill, who were using Latin and French in their teaching at Oxford in the later fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.
When the schoolmen spoke of the university, the monk spoke of the desert.
The propensity of the Schoolmen for shoring up their opinions with Biblical references was witheringly dispatched by Peter Abelard in his Sic et non.
Schoolmen who ordinarily ordered customized apparel are now facing budgetary and delivery restraints that afford less time for specialized apparel.
Hayek was often contemptuous of the use of statistics in general, as in his story of the Spanish Schoolmen who decided that the price of a good depended on so many things that it could be known only by God (Hayek 1979).