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Stay informed with real-time updates on the science experiments aboard Cygnus through Orbital ATKs Twitter account: https://twitter.
They each agreed to become the test and control subjects, respectively, for some of the science experiments being conducted during the Year-in-Space mission.
Color illustrations throughout contribute to a fine guide recommended for any collection where science experiments are a key part of learning, from college-level holdings to general interest science libraries.
Aimed at children in Key Stages 2 and 3 (junior and lower secondary school), Science Experiments features 85 different scientific activities, from very simple tasks to rather more complex projects such as building a homemade metal detector.
They fielded questions, demonstrated science experiments, and helped kids with their science projects.
As with all science experiments, the idea for Brent's project came from an observation.
I CRACKING POINT: Barrymore breaks eggs on his forehead as part of Big Brother's science experiments yesterday
Visually engaging "lab notebooks" with clearly outlined science experiments and activities for students to do are interspersed in the text.
The authors have written several other books featuring projects for children, and this volume is the first in a new series featuring hands-on science experiments.
The Lab also features Esteban's collection of bad jokes, and fun science experiments you can do with your parents.

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