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Acquisition of custom scientific calculators for students in 6th classes attending colleges of the department of Pas-de-Calais.
Based on the popular TI-30XS Multiview(TM) scientific calculator from Texas Instruments, the Orion TI-30XS represents a breakthrough in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education for students with vision impairment.
The ClassWiz fx-991AR X calculator offers the benefits of a modern scientific calculator to students from the region.
1996b) refers to graphing calculators, many of the types apply to scientific calculators as well.
Aimed at undergraduate mathematics majors and interested lay readers, this text explains the simple programs and mathematics underlying the complex calculations performed by scientific calculators.
Paul Brooksbank, from Warwickshire, started his career with Yorkshire Bank in 1972 when hand-held scientific calculators were introduced in Britain.
Needed are basic school supplies: pencils, crayons, notebooks, folders, ring binders, protractors, scientific calculators.
As it is, these scientific calculators are of great use to students with repetitive calculations, and engineers and technicians entering programs for repeated use in the field.
So far, 62 parcels of equipment have been posted - including 2,460 pens, 1,512 pencils, 216 exercise books, 30 maths kits and seven scientific calculators.
The search yielded two possibilities: (1) a treatment group with access to calculators and a control group who participated in the same instruction without access to calculators and (2) a treatment group with access to graphing calculators and a control group with access to scientific calculators.
This Palm OS-based application lets users convert their handheld computers into graphing scientific calculators.
Foresters, arborists, and serious Big Tree hunters dedicated to accurate heights use clinometers or transits to measure angles; a tape measure or infrared laser rangefinder to measure distances; and scientific calculators and simple trigonometric formulas to crunch the numbers.

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