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It is a commonly held perception that scientific discoveries take place after years of dedicated effort or at a moment of great serendipity.
These scientific discoveries were presented at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics held in San Francisco between 12 and 16 November.
The concept of tafsir 'ilmi is also vulnerable on the ground that science is changeable, and that it is wrong to interpret the Qur'an in light of science, since not only scientific discoveries, but scientific paradigms, too, become outdated.
The Holy Father teaches clearly that "authentic scientific discoveries never contradict the faith, and the faith never contradicts an authentic scientific discovery," says Mango.
New scientific discoveries threw doubts on old thoughts that were initially the domain of only the Church, such as the place of the Earth in the revolve around us?
With their clinical training, physician executives are in a unique position to translate new scientific discoveries into practical terms that non-clinical managers and lay board members can understand.
It is particularly fitting that new answers about the nature of our universe were found in a supercomputer at Berkeley Lab, where many of the past century's greatest scientific discoveries were made.
The ten-year-old newsletter covers the latest scientific discoveries in drug abuse, workplace testing federal regulations, and the law.

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