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1940), in his multivolume commentary on the Qur'an (3), argues that all scientific discoveries can be shown to have been mentioned in the Islamic scripture.
The Holy Father teaches clearly that "authentic scientific discoveries never contradict the faith, and the faith never contradicts an authentic scientific discovery," says Mango.
New scientific discoveries threw doubts on old thoughts that were initially the domain of only the Church, such as the place of the Earth in the revolve around us?
With their clinical training, physician executives are in a unique position to translate new scientific discoveries into practical terms that non-clinical managers and lay board members can understand.
It is particularly fitting that new answers about the nature of our universe were found in a supercomputer at Berkeley Lab, where many of the past century's greatest scientific discoveries were made.
The ten-year-old newsletter covers the latest scientific discoveries in drug abuse, workplace testing federal regulations, and the law.
Tung will be responsible for developing and managing MRF's target validation process that is designed to efficiently validate MRF's scientific discoveries and move them along in the drug pipeline for further development and clinical trials by biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

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